Scripps Memorial Hospital

La Jolla, California

9888 Genesee Avenue / La Jolla, CA

"Wolfstein Sculpture Park" sign by Jeffery Laudenslager



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In June 1993 when Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla wanted a painting by Gerrit Greve for their main lobby, the Wolfsteins donated the painting in honor of their 45th wedding anniversary. When they saw the hospital's beautiful grounds they knew that sculpture would enhance the campus. In honor of their 50th wedding anniversary the Wolfsteins donated the first five pieces to start the Wolfstein Sculpture Park.

The Wolfsteins'are very greatful to all the artists who have participated in making their pieces part of the Wolfstein Sculpture Parks.

Truth Lies Just Beneath the Surface / Gerrit Greve

Below are all of the current sculptures on display


Jeffery Laudenslager


Jeffery Laudenslager

Brutal Dance

Jeffery Laudenslager


Ken Smith


Lift Me With Your Love

Amos Robinson


In the Shade of My Tree

Carolyn Guerra


Spirale Bellezza

Deanne Sabeck and Jeffery Laudenslager




The Seahorse

David "DJ" Brelje

Spiral Tetrahedron 1 & 2

Christopher Lee

Symbolic Forest With Elijah

Italo Scanga

Scribble Mountain Sunrise

Ron Tatro

Family Reflections

Madeline Wiener

Goddess Gourd

Becky Guttin


Victor Salmones



Victor Salmones


A New Note

artist unknown


Little Girl with Fishes

TJ Dixon and James Nelson

Ellen Browning Scripps and Young Girl

TJ Dixon and James Nelson

Urban Evergreen

Fritzie Urquhart

The Happy Tree

Doug Snider and Linda Joanou

Surfboard Cedar Survivor

Betsy Kopshina Schulz / Hans Tegebo


Tom Waldron


Nasser Pirasteh

Pedestrian Observation

Ed Benavente



Amos Robinson & Ken Chytraus

The Umbrella Tree

Deirdre Lee

Cnidarian Elements

Bobby Valdez


Tangerine Caterpillar Dream

Doug Snider & Sara Storm

Have You Seen My Sunglasses

Leslie Perlis & Terry Douglas

Wave Tree

William Chris Brown




Dan Dykes

Grandma & Baby

Dennis Smith

Air Filter

Viviana Lombrozo


Ribbon of Hope

Lia Strell


Amos Robinson



Catherine Carlton



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